Wink video retouching tool For PC, here is how To Download And Use It For Free.

Are you looking for an app that is easy to use and can enhance your photos in seconds without you being skillful in editing? Look no further than the Wink app. Unlike other editing software which requires a lot of skills and hours to edit a single photo, the Wink app can enhance your video quality in a few seconds.

Name Wink For PC
Last Updated1 Week Ago
Compatible WithDesktop/Windows/Mac/Emulator
Mod FeaturesVIP Unlocked
DeveloperMietu inc.

Let’s delve into the article to learn more about this everyone’s favorite app.

wink for PC

It is an editing app that is normally available on mobile phones but also has a version for PC, it has a variety of tools such as AI repair, AI subtitles, and quality restoration which can be used for retouching your visual content and generating subtitles for your videos and a lot more, it is the only application you will ever need to glow up your photos and videos without doing much effort.

How does it work on a PC?

Wink for PC and Wink for Android are similar as both have almost the same features. Wink app for PC takes little space and can be a good replacement for all the heavy software that you use for editing. 

To use the wink app on a PC, you simply have to drag and drop photos, and apply any of the automated retouching tools on the app and Yahoo! Your photo is edited. Furthermore, you can also edit, crop, apply filters, generate subtitles and enhance your videos with it.

Desktop Edition Features of Wink app

There are many features in the desktop version of the app that make it a better choice,

Game-changing Ai

A few years ago if you had told me that your 60fps photo could be turned into a 4k photo that was too free in a few seconds I wouldn’t have believed but to our surprise it is true. The Wink app has one of the most advanced Ai that you will ever see, it can enhance your photos and videos, generate subtitles for you, turn your video clips into an actual anime scene, and much more.

No watermark

This app doesn’t only leave watermarks on your photos and videos but also lets you customize your watermark if you want to put it on your visual content. When I used to use other editing apps they had their watermarks on my videos which was so annoying but since I shifted to the Wink app I no longer have to worry about this problem.

Time saving and efficiency

It is one of the most incredible features of the app. This tool is revolutionary in the visual content editing world and also my favorite one as it fixes damaged and degraded photos with the help of artificial intelligence and, as a result, gives you high-resolution images or videos that were damaged before.

Data backup

We all fear that our data will get lost but the saviour to our problems is the Wink app which backs up your data in its cloud. You have to make sure that you turn on the backup option in the setting.

MODDED Features of Wink For PC

No Ads

Believe me, none of us like ads, whenever we want to do something important or we are in hurry to make some edits and in the middle of editing there is rain of ads, one after another and you have no idea what do, the only solution they give you is to buy there premium version to get rid of ads. the problem is that we do not have spare money to spend on this but to our blessing, in the modded version of the Wink app there are no ads at all, yes I am in the right state of mind, zero ads. 

Keep editing all day without all the cringe ads with wink mod APK.

In-App Purchase Removed

You don’t have to pay for the tools in the modded version as everything is free in it. starting from retouching tool to beautification tools everything is free in wink mod apk for PC and that too is very safe.

In the basic app, you have to pay for Ai anime each time you use it but here the case is different, you don’t need to pay for anything.

Premium Unlocked

You have to pay 7 dollars a month to unlock the premium features which is 48 dollars a year.  Thanks to the modded version of the app you can enjoy all the VIP features for free without paying a single penny. getting all these features for free is literally a lottery so make the most of it.

How To Use Wink Photo And Video Editing Tool on Desktop?

Using the Wink app on the desktop is a lot easier than you think, promise me, you will love it when you see your photos before and after they are edited because the details will be so visible on the big screen.

 Furthermore, there is nothing difficult about using the app as it is the same and simple as you use on mobile phones. it is just that the screen is more like landscape rather than a portrait in a mobile phone, all the tool that are available on mobile are also in PC version and you can use it smoothly just like in any phone.

How To Install Wink on Various Devices

Enjoy easy and convenient editing by installing the wink app on your Windows 11,10,7 with ease. Here’s how to install it.

Install on Windows7/8/10/11 From the Microsoft Store

This method is so simple, you simply have to go to the Microsoft store,

Step 1: Search Wink Studio. 6 1024x614 1

Step 2: click on the download button.

download wink for pc

Congrats, you got the Wink studio app 8 1024x614 1

Install Wink on PC Via Android Emulator

This process is also not very hard, nothing so complex.

  • Step 1:  first of all you should install an Android emulator such as NoxPlayer . 
  • Do not worry if it takes too long, these emulator usually takes a long to load.
  • Step 3: from here the process is the same as installing it on a phone, go to Play Store and search for the wink app.
  • Step 4: click on install and boom! You successfully installed it on the emulator.

Why We Should Go With the Wink App for PC

I think you are convinced by now why you should choose the Wink app for your pc, I think there are very logical reasons for it such as it can do the editing job for you in a matter of seconds, doesn’t take much space, and a lot more advantages as I mentioned here (everything you need to know about Wink mod APK).


Wink apk for PC is your ultimate solution for all your editing solutions. It is a very lite application compared to all other software for PCs. In this article, I cover all the features of the app how to install the app on pc and how to install it with the emulator. If you have come this long in the article then you should install the wink app by now.

FAQs – Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, you can use a Wink subscription on a PC without any hassle.

Yes, you can use wink for pc and wink on phone simultaneously on both devices.

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